My Inspiration behind the new Cobbles Series

My inspiration for the cobbles series began during my trip back to the UK for a family reunion.  Emigrating to south Australia 12 years ago as a newly qualified Nurse I viewed the world very differently.

Returning this year with my new found love of art I began to notice simple pleasures in my surroundings. I jotted a few of these images in my journal, road signs, wind turbines, cobbles and tarmac, road markings. 


Lancashire Cobbles

At the time I had no idea how these would evolve into a painting.  On returning home to South Australia I continued to paint, often not knowing what I was about to create. Our world was then turned upside down with COVID-19.

The cheeky Little Monsters Series were created during Covid.

Howorth Cobbles was my first Cobble creation. Using a very small colour palette my canvas started to take shape. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed painting straight lines and softening the corners. Hence a series was born!


Australian Cobbles



The series has now extended to The Australian Cobbles.  I move around with my new love of art and I find that I am inspired in a different way by the beauty that surrounds me. 

I will look forward to sharing this series with you from October 11th online. You can also view in person in my gallery at the Fleurieu Arthouse. I would love to see you.

With lovex