New Studio developments

Well my big dream for this little studio in Adelaide is coming along nicely.  

It will be a little while longer before I can fully use this beautiful studio in the way I intend but I am enjoying the process.

I am absolutely loving PINK, can you tell?

It is such a joy to surround myself with such vibrant colours.

I had a vision 13 years ago shortly after moving to Adelaide that I would have a little place where I would sit and create amongst a sea of vibrant colours.  At the time I thought it would be vibrant handmade clothes and jewellery as this is what I enjoyed in my spare time. Back then, my career in nursing was in its very early days and I was swept away climbing the career ladder which left very little time for my creativity.

As you know my world has changed significantly and this time around I am trusting my gut and following my dream. 

Your absolute amazing support and encouragement is inspiring me to dream big my friends.