Well I did say Art is changing my future in ways I never imagined!

Nearly 13 years I have worked in Palliative care as a Nurse. It is nursing that enabled my family and I to emigrate which has been the best move for us.  I have had some beautiful encounters with patients and their families and together we have created some very special memories.  I have been privileged to share some thoughtful reflections from patients and families about life and death. One thing this role has made blindingly obvious for me is that we are dead a long time, so I have to make this life count. 

Reflecting on my nursing years, I can see that for me personally I lost my sense of self.  I allowed my work to define me and the choices I was making in life. Towards the end of my career as a nurse, what was left of ME was unrecognisable.

It has taken time, stillness and heaps of painting to rediscover me. 

Returning to the Hospital last week to deliver my resignation I held my head high. I feel incredibly proud of my achievements throughout my nursing career. I set my self attainable goals and smashed every single one. I finish my nursing career as a Nurse Consultant with a service that I strived to join 14 years ago. 


So, what next?

Selling up, moving house and downsizing to support my art business.

Knowing that people, like you, believe in me and enjoy my art is enabling me to do great things. 

Thank you for your continued support.

It means the world to me.