Studio Behind the Scenes

My studio is nestled in the beautiful Fleurieu Arthouse in Mc Laren Vale. The Arthouse is an artisan hub showcasing stunning works from many South Australian Artists.

Exhibitions run throughout the year in the gallery and it also houses space for artists to rent a studio space.

I moved into my little haven in July 2020. It was a huge step moving into the public domain with my work. I was incredibly nervous, too nervous to paint at first! Initially I focused on my paper mache sculptures until I was brave enough to pick up a brush in public. The shared knowledge and support I have received from other artists in their studios has been amazing. It is such an inspiring place to be and I still pinch myself when I arrive at the Arthouse. I love being the first to arrive and unlock the Arthouse, it's like opening a box of chocolates. Anna Small and Warren Pickering with the support of the Onkaparinga council have created a real gem. 

The Arthouse is open Thursday-Monday 11-4pm to the public. You can contact me to open by appointment.


My studio has changed dramatically in the short time I have been here. Initially it was cosy little nook with all my bits and bobs decorating the place but I have given it a makeover. It now functions as a studio/gallery/shop. I would love to see you- pop in if you can.




The Rustle family- Paper Mache sculptures available from the Fleurieu Arthouse